Why Dedicated Hosting Servers Are Located in Tier 4 Data Centers?

Posted By HostWhich Staff | September 9, 2022 | Hosting Review
Why Dedicated Hosting Servers Are Located in Tier 4 Data Centers

There are many data centers worldwide running a large number of different things. Although all data centers are used to house web hosting servers, they are not all the same in construction and management. There are different web hosting servers like the dedicated hosting servers, VPS and many more.

Whether you are building your own private data center, want to hosting your website through a third-party web hosting companies like MilesWeb, you need to understand data center tier ratings. among all tiers, Tier 4 data centers are the prominent one and dedicated servers hosting by MilesWeb are also located at tier 4 data centers.

Get started with MilesWeb’s cheap dedicated server hosting with reliable option and provide an isolated web hosting infrastructure to host volumes of resource-heavy web projects. As a beginner, if you are unaware of different tiers of data centers, this blog is right guide to make you aware of different data centers tier ratings contact us.

What Are the Different Data Center Tier Ratings?

  1. Tier 1 Rating Data Center
    The tier 1 data center claims around 99.671% uptime guarantee which is the lowest according to industry standards. If your websites are hosted on servers located at Tier 1 data center, there will be problems like website slowness, lower performance and less online availability. However, you do not have to invest a hefty amount on accomplishing the web hosting operation. Tier 1 data centers are inexpensive.
  2. Tier 2 Rating Data Center
    In the Tier 2 data center, get a guaranteed uptime of 99.741% which some downtimes issue every year. Tier 2 data centers have the infrastructure like single power source, a single cooling source, and potentially multiple circuits for Internet connectivity. Despite having them, still there some thousands of downtime issues occurring annually.
  3. Tier 3 Rating Data Center
    Tier 3 data centers give you a guaranteed uptime of 99.982% which gives the less downtime in comparison to Tier 2 data centers. Such data centers have around 100 minutes of downtime and giving you a higher levels of redundancy on all key components of the data center. Power and cooling features are available and this tier of data center might have other connection for the utility power. All in all, they have a maximum power supply to make server functions maximum time.
  4. Tier 4 Rating Data Center
    A Tier 4 data center has a state-of-art infrastructure with fully redundant systems and providing the uptime of guaranteed 99.995% ratings. Servers located in this tier data center gives the minimal downtime it has a fully mirrored system that’s on standby and operates completely independently of the primary system. MilesWeb’s dedicated servers are located in such tier rating data centers offering a higher uptime. So, if there are mission-critical websites like eCommerce, there will be no performance-related issues and make a smooth eCommerce shopping experience for buyers.

Why You Need to Have a Tier 4 Data Center?

  1. Performance
    Online visitors do not love websites that are continuously struggling with the performance or downtime issues. Reports show, visitors do not wait more than three to four seconds on one website. Any kind of website loading issue or the server failure will lead to lower in search engine traffics. Thereby, tier 4 data centers are helpful in providing the top-notch performance to your website. It will ultimately enhance your organic traffic and web visibility.
  2. Higher reliability
    Industry segments prefer reliable servers with minimal latency rate and getting maximum availability on the server. As a website owner, if you are hosting a resource-heavy web project, pick for reliable servers like MilesWeb offers. MilesWeb’s Tier 4 data centers are reliable will help you in meeting different web hosting expectations. You can easily scale web applications and portals on reliable dedicated hosting servers.
  3. Useful for different data storage
    Whether it is email, business applications, project management software or others, there is no problem in hosting them. Dedicated servers have enough web hosting space and the server resource are also reliable because they are located in Tier 4 data centers. So, as a biz owner, you just focus on your business activities and let servers create your successful online presence with less downtime and website loading issues.
    If there is a web hosting company with their tier 4 data center infrastructure, you don’t have to worry about what kind of hosting infrastructure you are getting. For your convenience, choose MilesWeb as the best web hosting provider and choose their reliable server plans to host your websites and applications.

Final Line

MilesWeb has all their servers located at Tier 4 data centers giving a guaranteed uptime of 99.95% uptime. Get those servers and host your websites and applications hassle-free. You will have no website downtime or performance-related issues for all kind of web projects.

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