Simple SEO Strategy for New Website

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Simple Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of getting targeted traffic for a website from the popular search engine’s organic rankings. It means it is the process of increasing visibility when people search anything in the search engines. Proper SEO could help to get your site information on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) like- Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

The simple steps of SEO for a new website.

Domain Name: You should choose your domain name carefully according to your content.

Web Hosting Provider: Search engines may give priority to reputable web hosting providers so, you should consider it.

Keyword Research: You should research words or phrases about your writing, people, usually search on search engines.

Mobile-Friendly Design: Your website should be mobile-friendly design/responsive design because there are a lot of visitors who come using smartphones alone with computers.

Target Primary Keywords: Primary keywords are those words or phrases you want to rank up on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Website Pages URLs: The website pages URLs or links should be search engine friendly which is easily readable to the visitors.

Optimize Title Tags: Keep your website page’s title length within 60-65 characters with appropriate meaning.

Web Page’s Headings: A website page’s header is the top section of the web page. The heading of the pages should be meaningful according to your content.

Optimize Images: You should optimize pages’ images too. You have to use “alt” attributes’ text, caption, etc.

Optimize text on the page: You have to write unique content to get priority on the search engines. Make the paragraph, keep an eye on valuable keywords placing, and the content should be more than 500+ words.

Internal and External Links: You can add internal links on the post/page of your site that redirect the reader to a targeted page on your website, whereas an external link will redirect the reader to a different website.

Meta Descriptions: A meta description is a brief of the content of website pages which generally shows on the search engine result pages.

Meta Keywords: Meta Keywords are a specific type of HTML meta tag that helps to tell the search engines about the topic and the keywords/phrases.

Submit Your Sitemap: You could submit a sitemap to the search engines. A sitemap of a website is a file that consists of a list of URLs and other files on your website and their internal relations between them.

Social Bookmarking: Free social bookmarking could play a role in backlinks building. For this, you have to submit your content on these social bookmarking websites with short descriptions and link back to your site.

The above tips are the basics of SEO strategy. You have to follow the regular updates of Google and others search engines updates about search engines and should make SEO strategies to get proper results.

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    It will be very helpful for the beginner of the website owner. Hope these steps will work well.

    by Emon
    12 months ago

    I applied above mention strategy in SEO services work but after 3 months it will rank in google.

    by Vtech
    10 months ago

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